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Gemstones for Abundance

Abundance is a state of receptivity, where you allow the bounty of the Universe into your life. It is the yin side of manifestation. Use these gemstones to become aware of the abundance already available to you, to open your heart to receive, and to shift into the mindset that the Universe wants you to be happy and give you all that you need.
Alexandrite Meaning


Joy, Empowerment, Hope
Amber Meaning


Warmth, Wellbeing, Nurturing
Aventurine Meaning


Vitality, Confidence, Optimism
Emerald Meaning


Love, Compassion, Abundance
Jade Meaning


Abundance, Nature Energy, Wellbeing
Pearl Meaning


Self-care, Nurturing, Emotional Healing
Peridot Meaning


Positivity, Abundance, Creation
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