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Gemstones for Love

Whether you are seeking human love, Divine love, or simply the love of friendship, these gemstones can help you see, feel, and experience love. They work by helping heal the heart from old pain and open the channels of giving and receiving so your heart is ready for the eternal dance of love.
Chrysoprase Meaning


Love, Healing, Joy
Emerald Meaning


Love, Compassion, Abundance
Garnet Meaning


Manifesting, Self-worth, Healing
Morganite Meaning


Divine Love, Emotional Healing
Rhodochrosite Meaning


Emotional Healing, Nurturing, Joy
Rhodonite Meaning


Purpose, Generosity, Contribution
Rose Quartz Meaning

Rose Quartz

Love, Trust, Emotional Healing
Disclaimer: Gemstone and Crystal Properties and Spiritual Gemstone Meanings listed here are not a substitute for medical care. If you have a physical or mental illness, please see a doctor or mental health professional.