About Beadage

EmmaHello! I’m Emma. I created Beadage in 1998 in my dorm room at college. I’ve been a crafty girl since I was young, when I taught myself to knit and crochet from library books. I discovered beading as a teenager when my aunt gave me a box of seed beads she had in her closet and encouraged me to do something with them. I ended up making a simple loom using an empty cardboard box. I had a blast.

Beadage was originally a site where I sold handmade jewelry. Since then, it’s been through many changes and iterations before ending up in its current state. The current version was launched mid-2015 and included a new design, full conversion to WordPress, updated content, and a completely rewritten “Gemstones” section. In early 2019, I pivoted to focus primarily on healing gemstones as it was the most viewed content and what I was most passionate about.