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Gemstones for Joy

Joy is present in every heart, waiting to be unlocked. Joy does not come from outside yourself--it is ever-present within you and arises spontaneously when you are in touch with your innate goodness and the beauty of life around you. These gemstones help you access that place inside you and bring it forward in a consistent way.
Alexandrite Meaning


Joy, Empowerment, Hope
Calcite Meaning


Cleansing, Nurturing, Healing
Chrysoprase Meaning


Love, Healing, Joy
Ocean Jasper Meaning

Ocean Jasper

Joy, Lightheartedness, Positivity
Opal Meaning


Releasing Attachments, Emotional Amplification
Peridot Meaning


Positivity, Abundance, Creation
Rainforest Jasper Meaning

Rainforest Jasper

Connection To Nature And The Earth, Joy
Rhodochrosite Meaning


Emotional Healing, Nurturing, Joy
Rose Quartz Meaning

Rose Quartz

Love, Trust, Emotional Healing
Tanzanite Meaning


Integrating Heart And Mind, Wholeness
Tourmaline Meaning


Joy, Emotional Healing, Love
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