Apache Tears Meaning

Healing Properties of Apache Tears

Apache Tears are helpful for healing grief and trauma. They act both on new grief and on grief that is held in the emotional body from old trauma or wounds from a previous life. They also have the protective and cleansing properties of obsidian, in an easy to carry form.

Apache tears are gentle above all else, which makes them perfect for people struggling with processing difficult emotions. They are very nourishing and grounding and offer gentle protection to the aura against negativity. Its calm and peaceful energy is also good for people who suffer from anxiety or fear.

Trauma can become stuck in the body and create a kind of frozen state. Apache tears help gently move that energy so it can begin to shift and heal. This can have a rejuvenating effect on many parts of your life that you were unaware were wrapped up in old frozen patterns. They are a perfect stone to wear to therapy!

One of the most important skills in healing trauma is to have a resourced state of wellbeing to return to when emotions become overwhelming. Apache tears embody the soothing energy that is needed to balance the sometimes tumultuous process of grief and healing.

Working on releasing these stuck patterns will help shift your attitude away from victimization toward empowerment and choice. Beliefs that were formed out of suffering become more apparent so you can choose new beliefs that are more supportive.

Apache Tears as a Gemstone

A form of obsidian, these nuggets are usually round or oval, black-brown in color, and can be semi-transparent or translucent when polished and held up to light. The name is the result of a legend surrounding the grief of the wives and families of a group of Apache warriors who lept to their death from a cliff after being surrounded and outnumbered in a battle with the U.S. cavalry in the 1870s.

If you purchase through these links, we may receive a small commission. Disclosure
If you purchase through these links, we may receive a small commission. Disclosure
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