Ruby Meaning

Healing Properties of Ruby

Ruby is an activator of passion, confidence, determination, and adventure. It helps you develop courage and face your fears, moving through them and experiencing the renewed vitality on the other side. Stimulating enthusiasm, willingness to try new things, and the fortitude to see them through, ruby is a powerhouse of life-force energy.

Ruby as a Gemstone

A fiery red gemstone that comes from the corundum mineral (sapphires come from the same mineral). Corundum is considered one of the hardest minerals on earth and the ruby is prized for its hardness, durability, luster, and rarity. Deemed one of the most valuable gemstones on earth, large, transparent rubies are even more valuable than diamonds.

Disclaimer: Ruby Properties, Ruby Meaning, and Ruby Uses listed here are not a substitute for medical care. If you have a physical or mental illness, please see a doctor or mental health professional.

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