How to Use Gemstones for Healing

Choosing a Gemstone to Work With

While these descriptions can help you choose, the real indicator of the right stone for you is the energetic link you feel to the stone itself. You can get a sense of this from gazing at the photo of the stone (or other photos you find on the internet), and sensing how your body responds. You may need to take a deep breathe and settle into your body first in order to access these subtle sensations. Bring to mind the intention for why you want to work with a gemstone. Then let everything else float away and just focus on what sensations arise naturally in your body as you look at each gemstone. You may feel a sense of calm and peace, or tingling and energy. The sensations depend on the stone’s properties and how it is interacting with your energy field. Spend some time sensing each stone until you find the one that feels right for you at this time.

Different Ways to Use Gemstones

There are several main ways to work with gemstones, depending on your goals.

  • Wear as jewelry or in your pocket – if you want a steady connection with the gemstone for long-term work and/or specific results while you are wearing it.
  • Place in the environment – such as at your work desk for focus, or by your bed for sleeping.
  • Hold while meditating – for deep communing and receiving guidance in a focused way.

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