Crystal & Gemstone Healing For Beginners

Choosing a Gemstone to Work With

There are many ways to look for healing crystals and gemstones to work with. Many people simply pick one up at a metaphysical or magick shop when one catches their eye, but if you are looking to narrow down the exact right one for you, here are some tips.

Before You Start Looking for a Crystal

When learning about crystals, you can quickly be overwhelmed by how many crystals are out there and all the properties that are ascribed to each one.

Here on Beadage we try to make our gemstone meanings as concise and clear as possible to not be overwhelming, but here’s a secret that can help you discover your ideal stone faster: crystal meanings generally correspond to the colors that are associated with the seven chakras.

Crystals are organized by their chakra association. Identifying which chakra you want to work with should narrow down your choices considerably.

Chakra Colors Meanings & Properties
First / Root / Base Chakra Black, Brown, & Deep Red Grounding, Practicality, Grief, Nourishment
Second / Sacral Chakra Red & Orange Vitality, Passion, Sexuality, Creativity
Third / Solar Plexus Chakra Yellow Confidence, Willpower, Self-Expression
Fourth / Heart Chakra Green and Pink Both: Love & Affection, Compassion; Green Specifically: Love, Abundance, Prosperity, Connection to Nature
Fifth / Throat Chakra Blue Communication, Clarity, Focus, Calm, Relaxation
Sixth / Third Eye Chakra Indigo Visioning, Psychic Abilities, Awareness
Seventh / Crown Chakra Purple, White Spiritual Connection, Universal Consciousness

A Note About Price & Purchasing Gemstones

When choosing a gemstone to work with or wear, if price is a consideration, consider raw or rough gemstones. Even precious gemstones like emerald are quite affordable (and beautiful!) in raw form.

When shopping, it is also very important to be aware of fake or “faux” gemstones (cheaper gemstones that are dyed to look like more expensive ones, like howlite being dyed to look like turquoise). Some gemstones can be created by heat-treatment of other gems (such as citrine from heating amethyst) or synthetically in a lab (most precious gems have synthetic versions). Most people working with crystals prefer natural gems that have not been heat treated or grown in a lab.

Carefully read any description of gems you are looking for, and if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Ready to Choose a Crystal? Listen to Your Intuition.

While reading gemstone descriptions and browsing through gemstone uses can help you choose, the real indicator of the right stone for you is the energetic link you feel to the stone itself. You can get a sense of this from gazing at the photo of the stone when shopping for crystals online, or holding it in your hand if you are shopping in person. Tune in and sense how your body responds. You may need to take a deep breathe and settle into your body first in order to access these subtle sensations.

Bring to mind the intention for why you want to work with a gemstone. Then let everything else float away and just focus on the sensations that arise naturally in your body as you look at each crystal. You may feel a sense of calm and peace, or tingling and energy. The sensations depend on the stone’s properties and how it is interacting with your energy field. Spend some time sensing each stone until you find the one that feels right for you at this time.

How to Use Your First Crystal

OK, so you’ve bought your very first crystal. Now what?

There are several main ways to work with gemstones, depending on your goals. The first step is to sit quietly with your gemstone and welcome it into your life. Next, choose one of these ways of working depending on your goals for you and your healing crystal.

Wear it as Jewelry (or Carry in Your Pocket)

Wearing gemstone jewelry is a very convenient way to keep a gemstone close to your body and in your energy field at all times. This is an ideal method if you want a steady connection with the gemstone for long-term work. You might also wear it at specific times as needed, like wearing it at work for protection or focus.

Place it in Your Environment

Placing a crystal on your desk (or in your drawer if you want to keep it private), or by your bed or in your living room helps create an atmospheric effect. Use this is you want to create a specific vibe in a certain place, for example to create a welcoming atmosphere in your home with amber.

Hold While Meditating

Meditation is the method to choose if you want to deeply commune and receive guidance from your crystal in a focused way. Hold your crystal in your hands, or lay down and place it on or near the crystal’s corresponding chakra. Using whichever method you are used to, let yourself relax into our body and become mindful.

If you are new to meditation, an easy way to begin is to feel the sensations of your body touching the chair or ground beneath you and take gentle, full, relaxed breathes until you feel your body settle down. You can also focus on the sensations of air passing in and out of your nose as you breathe.

When you feel settled, bring to mind your intention in working with your crystal. Get a clear sense of your question, desires, or what you are struggling with and what you want. Be sure to sink into your heart and bring your most authentic yearning to the table here. There’s no point in doing healing work if you are going to only stick to the surface. This is the time to get real and honest with yourself about what you really need or long for.

Next, open your mind to your crystal and ask for any messages or guidance your crystal may want to share with you. Let your mind become receptive and curious. Depending on the crystal and your natural channels in which you receive guidance, you may see pictures, hear words, or simply get a felt sense of your link with your crystal. Continue to sit with your crystal until you feel complete, and then thank it for assisting you in your journey. Doing this on a regular basis will help you form a lasting relationship.

What to Expect

Some people see crystals as conscious beings and talk to their crystals in their head and feel for a response. Others simply keep them around as a comforting presence and ally. It’s up to you how you think of or interact with your crystals, but one thing you should always keep in mind is that you will get out of it what you put into it. If you are respectful and curious in developing a relationship with your crystals, you will benefit from their unique energy and properties. If instead you expect an instant fix or treat crystals like magic pills where you don’t have to exert any energy on your side of the equation, you will probably be disappointed.

Crystals carry healing energy patterns that can help you, but it’s still up to you to use your intention to align with that energy and allow it to affect you. If you come to crystals with a skeptical or disrespectful attitude (or even a magical, “this will fix everything” attitude), don’t be surprised if your results are not what you want. But if you allow yourself to be open and receive the magic & medicine the crystal kingdom has to offer, you will be starting a supportive relationship that will last a lifetime.

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If you purchase through these links, we may receive a small commission. Disclosure
If you purchase through these links, we may receive a small commission. Disclosure

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