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What Do Orange Gemstones & Crystals Mean?

Learn the names and meanings of orange gemstones including sunstone, carnelian, amber, and aragonite.

What do orange gemstones mean?

Orange stones & crystals correspond to the second chakra, sexual energy, and vitality. They each have different meanings, but many are used to increase creativity, support your emotional health, and feel more aliveness and vitality.

Orange crystals also support strength, endurance, and leadership abilities. Below are pictures and meanings for the most popular orange crystals.

Orange Calcite Meaning

Orange Calcite

Orange calcite is an energizing stone that boosts your creativity and optimism, and gets you moving in positive directions.

Sunstone Meaning


Sunstone embodies the generosity and expansiveness of the sun, supporting and motivating creativity, leadership, and vibrant aliveness.

Aragonite Meaning


Aragonite bolsters the strength of your emotional core, helping you confront painful feelings and embrace past wounds. This clears the way for lasting positive emotional states. Because it acts to balance the energy system and chakras, it is both calming and energizing.

Carnelian Meaning


Carnelian is about action. By activating the first three chakras, Carnelian provides a powerful boost to your willpower, with the physical energy and drive to back it up. If your heart wants something, carnelian can give you the confidence and power to go for it.

Amber Meaning


Amber carries the energy of the sun, warmth, and wellbeing. It is nurturing and good for people recovering from illness or who are needing comfort. It can transmute negative or stagnate energies into positive energy like a sunny day lifts the spirits. In this way it can be protective, letting you carry around a bubble of sunshine wherever you go.

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What are some other orange gemstones & crystals?
More obscure orange stones include spessartite garnet, orange tourmaline, mexican fire opal, imperial topaz, orange spinel, orange zircon, sphalerite, and orange sapphire. Natural citrine is yellow, but color-treated citrine or “burnt amethyst” is often more of an orange shade.

What is “fire” in gemstones and which orange gemstones display it?
“Fire” is also known as “dispersion” and is the degree to which the gemstone splits white light into its constituent colors. How much fire a gem displays depends on qualities of the gemstone itself, such as its refractive index and density, as well as the way it is cut and if it is clear or has inclusions. Faceted gems with fire display slightly different hues on different facets making them sparkle beautifully. Orange colored gemstones with fire display different shades of orange when you turn them in the light.

Of the orange gemstones, orange zircon shows the most fire as zircon has a higher refractive index than even sapphire and ruby. Sphalerite is a quite rare beautiful orange gemstone but it can show brilliant fire.

If you purchase through these links, we may receive a small commission. Disclosure
If you purchase through these links, we may receive a small commission. Disclosure
If you purchase through these links, we may receive a small commission. Disclosure
Disclaimer: Gemstone and Crystal Properties and Spiritual Gemstone Meanings listed here are not a substitute for medical care. If you have a physical or mental illness, please see a doctor or mental health professional.