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Gemstones for Communication

Communication involves more than just eloquent speaking--it also involves listening for the truth under someone's words, and being able to speak from the heart in words that are heard. These gemstones can be used to help you both understand what you want to say, and to speak it in the right words. Most activate the throat chakra, and some also activate the heart chakra to bring forth words from the heart.
Amazonite Meaning


Truth, Harmony, Peace
Aquamarine Meaning


Peace, Communication, Empowerment
Chrysocolla Meaning


Wisdom, Communication, Gentle Power
Kyanite Meaning


Psychic Abilities, Communication, Lucid Dreaming
Larimar Meaning


Peace, Relaxation, Communication
Sapphire Meaning


Focus, Discipline, Inner Vision
Tanzanite Meaning


Integrating Heart And Mind, Wholeness
Turquoise Meaning


Wholeness, Truth, Communication
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