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What Do Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings Mean?

Blue sapphires are a dazzling royal blue color. Blue sapphire engagement rings represent wisdom, self-discipline, and clarity of thought and communication.

Seeing the big picture

Looking into a blue sapphire is like staring into a pool of deep, clear water. It brings to mind the qualities of expansiveness, depth, and intelligence. If you are looking to bring wisdom and clarity to your marriage, a blue sapphire engagement ring is a great choice.

Self-discipline & balance

Blue sapphires encourage you to be moderate, balanced, and steadfast. If you want to maintain a peaceful life and marriage, a sapphire engagement ring could be perfect for you.

Clear communication

A blue sapphire engagement ring is ideal for writers, teachers, or others whose work involves communication.

Are sapphires durable enough for engagement rings?

Sapphires are made of corundum, which is extremely durable and strong. That makes blue sapphire an great choice for an engagement or wedding ring that you want to pass on for generations.

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