Emerald Faceted Oval Beads- 22x17mm, 20x15mm- 2 Focal Beads -green Gemstone Focal Beads- Jewelry Beads Supply- Emerald Gemstone Beads

Emerald faceted bead 20-22mm 2 focal beads color as shown Emerald gemstone shape oval flat back faceted bead size 22x17mm 20x15mm quantity 2 beads You w... more
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Emerald Healing Properties

Emerald is a pure activator of the heart chakra. It helps you stay centered in your heart's wisdom, and make choices from love and compassion. It opens your heart to receiving the flow of universal abundance available to us all, and in this way is an abundance stone. Like chrysoprase, it can help heal heartbreak and nourish your emotional self. Learn More About Emerald.
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