Pandora-Style Birthstone & Gemstone Charm Beads

Pandora, Chamilia, Trollbeads…they all sell large-hole “European-style” make-your-own charm bracelet beads that are super popular. I wondered if there were any gemstone charm  beads on Etsy.

Most of the birthstone charm beads do not contain real gemstones, but rather colored glass or cubic zirconia. Here are some I found that seem to be genuine gemstones:

Birthstone Charm Beads

More Natural Gemstone Charm Beads

P.S. If you are searching Etsy yourself, I found the following keywords worked best: “Pandora gemstone bead” and “European gemstone bead”. Adding the word “genuine” and “natural” helped find actual gemstones rather than glass charms or rhinestones.

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