Audrey Gorman

I have been making jewelry for a little over 2 years and have just recently began selling my work. I love natural stones and high quality sterling silver. I am inspired by the natural colors in the stones that I buy and keep a sketchbook handy at all times as I am inspired all the time by the world around me!

Pamela Coral Necklace Project

Pamela Coral Necklace

This necklace features red coral coins combined with glass seed beads, mother of pearl chunks, freshwater pearls, banded hematite jasper, and mahogany obsidian. I made it a double strand and added a sterling silver connector to dangle a pendant stone combination. I like the rich combination of textures and colors in this group of stones. […]

Jacqueline Necklace Project

Jacqueline Necklace

This necklace features 4 strands, each unique, but layer together beautifully. I used one of my favorite color combinations…bronze and turquoise. I made two of the strands more of a random look with seed beads, freshwater pearls, crystals, and turquoise. One strand has a regular pattern of turquoise and copper beads. The final strand holds […]

Julie Necklace with Porcelain Jasper Project

Julie Necklace with Porcelain Jasper

This necklace features three unique strands that compliment each other. I like to layer my necklaces, which is a trendy new fad. I used the puffed coins of porcelain jasper as the inspiration for the color palette. I paired them with porcelain jasper rondelles, freshwater pearls, wooden wheel beads, and glass seed beads in a […]

Turquoise Mist Necklace Project

Turquoise Mist Necklace

This necklace features 3 strands of silver glass seed beads that space a random pattern of turquoise briolettes, turquoise 4mm rounds, and quartz ovals. The clasp is a sterling silver toggle with delicate details. I was inspired by the briolettes when they were still on the strands that I bought them on and they were […]

Veronica Drop Earrings Project

Veronica Drop Earrings

These drop earrings started with the cute sterling silver bead caps. I paired them with the foiled glass purple beads and thought that looked nice. I did some wire work to attach them all together but they were still lacking something. I looked through my beads and found only two of the delicate faceted purple […]

Seaside Rendezvous Necklace Project

Seaside Rendezvous Necklace

I bought the very nice fossilized coral squares first and tried to make them fit with other bead combinations that just weren’t working. I went to a bead show and saw the African opal rondelles and amazonite beads that looked great together and thought of my pretty squares back home. I was delighted that they […]

Everyday Fun Earrings Project

Everyday Fun Earrings

I wanted to make a pair of fun earrings that would go anywhere…pool or dinner party. I started with the super cute rectangular sterling silver beads and added iridescent faceted black glass beads to the top and bottom. I strung them all together with a piece of Argentine half hard sterling silver wire and attached […]

Exotic Beauty Bloodstone Necklace Project

Exotic Beauty Bloodstone Necklace

My grandmother had given me a wooden bead necklace that had crazy safari animals on it along with these cool wooden beads in green and black. I took it apart and began to play with the wooden disks. I had purchased the triangle of bloodstone about a year ago and it was waiting for a […]

Red Double Dash Bracelet Project

Red Double Dash Bracelet

I started with the square Bali sterling silver beads and loved their exotic look. I paired them up with the red coral 6mm rounds and some additional sterling silver spacers that gave the bracelet a strong yet elegant look. I finished it off with a sterling silver toggle clasp. I used soft flex wire and […]