Sara Self

Sara Self


I have been making hemp jewelry for almost twenty years now. I love making my pieces. I get lost "spinning" them.

I call myself a hemptress.
At the age of eleven I learned how to make friendship bracelets with my best friends in the neighborhood, Tricia and Wendy. The memories we formed as childhood friends doing crafts will never leave me. My next experience with knots was teaching a rope tying class in girl scout summer camp about a year later. I didn't even know all the knots I would be teaching but they asked me to teach them and so I learned them (with short notice).
I am now almost thirty-two and I still love to tie knots.
I wake up and grab string. I go to bed with string in my hand.
My biggest challenge lately is learning new things to do with hemp.
I am working on a hemp purse or shoulder bag model but I am a bit of a perfectionist. However, I did manage to finish one my first week of trying... And it felt great.... I want to make more.

You can find my macrame handmade hemp wraps here or at

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