Ioana Sava

Handmade artist, living in Romania. I started creating jewelry last year and I also love working on tapestries. I like to create custom jewelry for each person who orders.

Dorian Necklace With Pendant Project

Dorian Necklace With Pendant

This necklace consists of golden plated beads, golden plated wire, turquoise beads, and a turquoise donut. The base is coiled around the beads and woven in a fan shape between the turquoise beads. The pendant is woven in a dorian style. I wove and coiled another turquoise bead in the lower part. The lace chain […]

Bracelet Woven With Pearls Project

Bracelet Woven With Pearls

This is a cuff style bracelet that was woven with silver plated wire and white glass pearls. First, I created a 20 gauge wire frame. Next, I wove in 3 sizes of glass pearls to create an impression of texture. A hook and eye closure finishes the piece. The look is gorgeous and opulent.

Cranberry Necklace Project

Cranberry Necklace

This necklace consists of silver plated wire in two sizes and red glass Jablonec pearls. The thinner size wire is wrapped and interwoven with the larger wire and was used to attach the pearls and create the Viking-style weave at the back of the necklace.

Blue Woven Snails Necklace Project

Blue Woven Snails Necklace

This necklace consists of blue translucent glass stones fixed in silver plated wire. I wove the wire around the stone to create a snail shape. The lace that forms the top part of the necklace is a spiral chainmaille technique using silver plated chains. The pendant was woven and the stone is caged in the […]

Silver Collar Project

Silver Collar

This collar is formed by the collar itself and a pendant made with several circles. Each part is shaped from silver wire on which are wrapped blue crystal in silver wire net. I think this would work well with an elegant party dress.