Wella Cornelis

I am a self taught artist creating beauty through jewelry which is my essential tool for self-expression.

Beading extracts the passion and creativity hiding deep within me. Sometimes I just can't believe that I have created certain pieces on my own. I will sit and face my array of beads & materials and the mood that I'm in, and suddenly ideas will blink into my head and flow into the items that I make. Beading brings amazing and interesting things out of me. For me, jewelry-making has no limitations. I create with great patience and give importance to having a timeless style. In my opinion, jewelry does not need to be expensive, but rather versatile and wearable any time. Certain details in my stringing and wire-wrap work are such that you are well assured that it is one-of-a-kind.

Natacha Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Project

Natacha Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

I created this bracelet using a simple bead weaving technique with the combination of Swarovski crystal beads in garnet, citrine, and peridot colors. I added gold metallic seed beads and white glass pearls for more vivid contrast, solidity, and depth. I used metal findings consisting of a sterling silver hook clasp, jumprings, and an extension […]