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What Do Emerald Engagement Rings Mean?

Emeralds are a stunning deep green color. They represent love, abundance, and listening to the wisdom of your heart.

Opening the heart

Emerald’s warm green is connected to your heart chakra, the center of your ability to feel connected to others. If you are looking to bring a sense of deep connection & unconditional love to your marriage, emerald is the perfect choice for your engagement ring.

Peace and abundance

Emerald encourage you to be open to the abundance of the Universe. If you want to build a prosperous and peaceful life together in your marriage, an emerald engagement ring is an excellent option to crystallize your intentions.


An emerald engagement ring represents self-acceptance and self-love, as well as love for others. It is ideal for anyone who struggles with slowing down or feeling like they are “enough”. It’s a little reminder that you can carry with you that you are loved and beautiful just the way you are.

Are emeralds durable enough for engagement rings?

Emeralds is a green variety of beryl, which is an general a hard gemstone (about 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness), but not as hard as ruby, sapphire, or diamond. Emeralds can also often contain inclusions that can weaken the stone. This by no means should discourage you from getting an emerald engagement ring if your heart is set on one, but look for a stone with high clarity (low inclusions), a setting with 4-6 prongs, and a platinum or 18k gold band.

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