Ana Dooley

After teaching pre-kindergarten school for 17 years in the Rochester-area, Ana Schneller Dooley turned her passion to create jewelry on a hobby basis into a full-time career.

Established in 2006, GemX Jewelry Design has developed into one of the most sought after vendors at festivals throughout Western New York. Recently, GemX has added clients in the casino industry, national fundraising organizations and a home party strategy.

Copper And Jasper Earrings Project

Copper And Jasper Earrings

I started this project with a sheet of copper. I cut 2 large circles and drilled a hole on the top and bottom. I then used a doming block to give it shape. I attached 4 links of copper chain to the bottom hole. I added 4-5mm jasper beads and a gold bead to the […]

Copper Patina Earrings Project

Copper Patina Earrings

To create these earrings I started with a sheet of copper. I cut out 2 circles, textured them and used a doming block to give a nice shape. I used a hole punch to create a hole for the wire to go through. The patina is created from ammonia and vinegar. I used 20 gauge […]

Hammered Aluminum Earrings Project

Hammered Aluminum Earrings

I started with a sheet of aluminum from the hardware store. I cut out 2 circles and filed the edges. Then I used a doming block to give it a nice dome shape. I hand painted them with acrylic paint and sprayed them with a sealer. I used a hole punch to add a hole […]

Mixed Stone Earrings Project

Mixed Stone Earrings

These earrings were made using a mix of stones: turquoise, jasper and sodalite. I connected them using 18 gauge silver wire. I left a large loop on the end to add 3 hammered pieces of 18 gauge silver wire. I put a small loop at the end of each of the hammered wire pieces to […]

My Little Angel Necklace Project

My Little Angel Necklace

I created this necklace when a dear friend of mine lost her little boy to SIDS. I used 17″ of silver chain. I strung together pewter letter beads, with the initials of her son, using 20 gauge silver wire. I linked it onto the chain. To create the angel, I used a 3 inch head […]

Aventurine Bracelet Project

Aventurine Bracelet

This bracelet is made with aventurine beads. Aventurine is the stone of good luck. This bracelet is made with silver plated circle links. I hammered the links to give them more detail and character. The beads are strung together using 18 gauge silver wire. It is finished off with a lobster clasp.

Sodalite Swirl Earrings Project

Sodalite Swirl Earrings

To create these earrings I shaped 18 gauge wire into a swirl. Then I hammered the silver to give texture. Then I used a headpin to attach sodalite nugget beads. I attached a closed jump ring to the swirl & used a sterling fishhook earring finding. Sodalite is the stone of endurance.

Washer Necklace Project

Washer Necklace

To create my “washer” necklace, I took two washers commonly found at your local hardware store. I used 2 different sizes, and hammered them to give them texture. I then attached them to an olive green suede cord. I added a few additional beads, and then attached a toggle clasp using 18 gauge wire.

Splatter Wirework Necklace Project

Splatter Wirework Necklace

This necklace was made from 18 gauge copper wire. I randomly shaped the wire into a design I liked. I added a few copper beads to the wire. I then hammered the copper in a few places, mostly on the curves, to add character. I finished the piece by attaching it to leather cord.

Wire and Button Necklace Project

Wire and Button Necklace

I made this necklace and bracelet set using silver buttons and 18 gauge silver wire. I put one end of the wire through the hole of the button & formed it into a spiral. Then I bent it flat against the button. Then I made a spiral with the remaining wire. I repeated the process […]