Coco Kulkarni

I've always had an interest in art. But it was only recently that I took an active interest in creating with my own hands. Now, I work mainly with precious and semi precious gemstones. I also love working in the macrame technique. I love working with beads, all types of beads.

Crackled Jade On Leather Necklace Project

Crackled Jade On Leather Necklace

There wasn’t any technique or skill required to make this necklace, but I think it is a great use for this type of double drilled bead. Just a single bead, large enough to make a statement strung from genuine leather cords. The honey yellow shade of the bead jumps off from the black cords.

Green Aventurine With Gold Disk Earrings Project

Green Aventurine With Gold Disk Earrings

I wanted to attempt something sculptural with these triangle shaped green aventurine beads. They are polished, but have a matte finish; so I used contrasting shiny 16k gold plated textured disks and 8mm carnelian beads to add color. I like the mix of the different shapes. It’s a bold unique design.

Aventurine Cleopatra Necklace Project

Aventurine Cleopatra Necklace

These aventurine beads range in hues of honey, amber, citrine and caramel. Their triangle shapes are varied and lend an interesting feature to a “Cleopatra” look. I finished off the necklace with small aventurine nuggets in the same tonal colors. Tiny honey colored seed beads separate the aventurine beads. I’ve used a vermeil (gold plated […]

Copper Bead Ring Project

Copper Bead Ring

I loved this bead so much, I wanted to do something special that would focus on the bead itself. And since it was the only one I had, the choice was obvious. This is a copper bead that has been hand wrapped in 20g copper wire to form a ring.

Faceted  Crystal And Pearls Necklace Project

Faceted Crystal And Pearls Necklace

This is a very simple piece. Faceted flat top tear drop clear crystals are teamed up here with tiny fresh water pearls wrapped in sterling silver. The chain and clasp are sterling silver. The ‘pendant’ focal was strung onto a 22gauge sterling silver wire and attached to the sterling silver chain with jump rings.

Macrame And Gemstone Necklace Project

Macrame And Gemstone Necklace

The design for this piece may seem a little off the wall! I was inspired by these odd looking dyed agate beads I had bought at a gem fair. I wanted to make a bold and dramatic pendant like focal design and work it into a hand knotted pattern. So this is what I came […]

Macrame Bracelet Project

Macrame Bracelet

This is a very simple macrame bracelet hand knotted with a shiny synthetic gold colored cord. the beads are cream colored resin and 8mm honey/amber glass. The knots used are lark’s head and the square knot. It is finished with a loop and bead closure. The closure bead is acrylic. Very easy to make!

Macrame Necklace Project

Macrame Necklace

This necklace is hand knotted using a shiny gold colored synthetic knotting cord and opaque pale olive green 8mm glass beads. The other beads are orange/pink 6mm glass beads. The knots used are larkshead and the square knot. The necklace has a loop and bead closure and is 16.5″ in length.