Estrid de Wit

Estrid de Wit

My name is Estrid. I started making jewelry a few years ago and I love it, especially the beadwork bracelets and necklaces. I get my inspiration from the materials I work with, the people around me and lovely pictures that live in my imagination. I love using beautiful material like Swarovski and Miyuki.

I don't have a selling website, but you may always adress directly to me if you want to know the price of one of my items.

You can find me at Artconventions. Lately at the National Art days in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. You may only take part of this event after nomination from a jury.

Fall Steampunk Collar Necklace Project

Fall Steampunk Collar Necklace

In this lovely necklace, I used clay cabochons with citrine stones in them, Swarovski stones, Miyuki beads, delica, rocaille and bugles and steampunk elements.

Butterfly Brooch Project

Butterfly Brooch

The wings are kept in resin. I glued them onto Stiff Stuff and surrounded them with very small Miyuki Delica beads and rocaille seed beads . The back is finished with dark green Ultrasuede and a brass brooch pin.

Burlesque Butterfly Project

Burlesque Butterfly

This is my entry “Burlesque Butterfly” for the Challenge of Beaders United. The theme was Wings. I had this butterfly for some time, and the idea of attaching it to leather was already in my head. Initially I wanted the butterfly just surrounded by beads, but that is not me, I ended up covering a […]

Heart Of The Ocean Necklace Project

Heart Of The Ocean Necklace

The cabochon I used was my inspiration for the entire bead embroidery necklace. I used Swarovski crystals, beads and pearls. The freshwater pearls and shells I found on the beaches during holiday. The back is finished with ultra suede. The clasp is also my own design and made with a Swarovski rivoli, O-beads etc.

Butterflywings Project


For these very special earrings, I used real butterflywings. I glued them on ultra-suede and stiff stuff. After beading the surrounding in peyote, I filled the holes whith the matching colors from the wings. I finished the earrings with ultra suede on the back and combined the earrings with Swarovski beads 5000 en 5328.

Shibori Silk Bracelet Project

Shibori Silk Bracelet

For the first time I tried working with Shibori and I love it. I tried a combination with Swarovski stones, Miyuki beads, freshwater pearls and Swarovski pearls. They matched perfectly with the beautiful colors of the Shibori ribbon. The back is finished with green ultra suede. The lock is magnetic.

Little Bit Gypsy Project

Little Bit Gypsy

About 3 years ago I made a bracelet “Gypsy” (also on Beadage), with the intention to make a necklace as well, because I really fell in love with this bracelet. And then…nothing, no inspiration. Then the contest “Best Dutch Beadworkartist 2014” came up. After finishing my contest necklace “Wild Flower” I felt like finishing that […]

Seahorse Necklace Project

Seahorse Necklace

I made this Seahorse necklace for a contest in the Netherlands with a Fantasty theme. Its partly beaded on stiff stuff, with ultra-suede on the back. I used a lot of miuyki rocailles in different sizes, vintage brass flowers and freshwaterpearls. On the left side are the waves of the water, the right side are […]

Frozen Summer Project

Frozen Summer

This is the first time I’ve worked with sterling silver. I designed a pendant, and while I was working, more ideas came to mind. I had no idea that you needed so many different techniques and materials in working with silver, but I loved it. The stone inside is a blue Goldstone, lovely. It looks […]

Autumn Flower Necklace Project

Autumn Flower Necklace

This necklace combines the colours of brass, cream and amethyst. For the chainmail part I used 8mm rings, putting some 6/0 seedbeads on them before closing them. On the bottom of the focal I worked with the seam measure rings. For the connection with the chain I kettled some Swarovski and other beads between the […]

Star Of Ice Cuff Project

Star Of Ice Cuff

I stiched around the rivoli with Delica beads onto Stiff Stuff. Then I worked around with white and crystal silver lined miyuki rocailles. Next I put white drops in between and put them together with tiny silver lined 15/0 rocailles. I glued the Stiff Stuff onto the bracelet and finished the back with ultra suede. […]

Hematite Cabochon Necklace Project

Hematite Cabochon Necklace

A dear friend gave me some hematite cabochons. Since I love to combine materials, I started looking for different once. I combined the hematite cabs with Swarovski pearl beads, freshwater pearls, different colors Miyuki seed beads, treasure beads, silver colored rings and spacers. I finished it all with three-way silver locker clasp.

Different Heart Project

Different Heart

This necklace is a combination of metal findings, chain, Miyuki bugles and a heart pendant. I got the idea by playing with bugles. At the same time I received an order of the beautiful metal pieces. I knew right then that these materials should be put together in one lovely necklace.

Gypsy Bracelet Project

Gypsy Bracelet

Today I finished this freeform bead embroidery bracelet I named Gypsy. I really loved making it. I designed the cabochons myself and used different kind of materials like Swarovski stones, silk roses, Miyuki cubes, rocailles, drops, and lucite flowers. To give it structure I used foam in between ultra suede. It has a sterling silver […]

Treasures In The Woods Beadded Cuff Project

Treasures In The Woods Beadded Cuff

I love to combine different materials and colours in jewelry. So this bracelet is made with Fimo cabochons, pearls, lucite flowers and of course Swarovski. The beads are beaded on stiff stuff, with a cuff within. I got my inspiration when I saw the cabochons. Suddenly I got a picture in my head of walking […]

Scorpion Necklace Project

Scorpion Necklace

For this necklace I used a cabochon with a real scorpion within. I made the combination with shell pieces, bone beads, miyuki seed beads and beautiful filigree beads. The combination of the different materials and the copper and cream colors give this necklace a friendly instead of a scary look.

Faith Cuff Bracelet Project

Faith Cuff Bracelet

This bracelet is made with a cabochon, amethyst, and brass and purple seed beads. This bracelet won the third prize in a contest about faith. I used a Buddha, a cross, an angel, but also things out of nature, because nature is very important to me.