Heather Moss

I have been making jewellery for a year now and I like to make fun and funky jewellery, costume and customized. My inspiration comes from many places, from reading magazines, watching television, or simply waking up in a creative mood and having an idea already in mind!

Icy Desserts Polymer Clay Bracelet Project

Icy Desserts Polymer Clay Bracelet

My inspiration being the summer season, I wanted to make something bright and colourful and there’s nothing better than ice-creams, ice-lollies and lollipops to achieve that. I made these beads completely from scratch using various different colours of polymer clay. I marbled the different colours together and rolled them into sausage shapes and then twisted […]

Cupcake Bracelet Project

Cupcake Bracelet

I made this piece completely from scratch using Fimo polymer clay. Kneading and rolling the clay into a sausage shape, I then cut off parts to make the ‘cup’ of the cupcake. I then scored ridges into the ‘cup’ using a needle. For the ‘cake’ part, I rolled the clay into a thinner sausage shape […]

Alluring Heart Cluster Bracelet Project

Alluring Heart Cluster Bracelet

I used 6mm hematite hearts, Japanese pink square beads and pink E beads. To attach these beads I used head and eye pins. I chose faceted black chain and plain pink chain to contrast the colours of the bracelet. Finally I finished the piece using a lobster claw clasp. I simply felt in a creative […]