Jenny Hoople

I recently started making these necklaces and I can't stop, so I figured this makes them good candidates for selling. The best part is, I grew the grey Job's Tears beads right in my own backyard!

I choose knotted silk because I like its history, it's more romantic! I choose "natural" materials (stone, bone, wood, shell, silk) because even when altered by human hands and arranged and strung by them, the beauty of the processes that formed them breaks through and dazzles me. Really, jewelry is so wonderful because it's so much more meaningful than mass-produced jewelry. All of them are unique pieces.

Falling Water Shell Necklace Project

Falling Water Shell Necklace

Inspired by a midnight vision of waterfalls falling off of cliffs, this necklace was made with freshwater pearls, sea-green aventurine chips, gold and silver mussel-shell coins, mother-of-pearl cube beads, dark shell beads and a sprinkle of aqua semi-precious gemstone beads to accent. It measures 17″ around and has a toggle clasp. I used two strands […]