Melissa Muir

I began making wire jewelry in the fall of 2002 and instantly fell in love with the technique. When I started, it was just to help me spend some time doing something just for me. I attended my first bead bazaar that fall and have been hooked ever since.

I have always enjoyed working with wire and various beads to see what I could create. My friends and family encouraged me to further develop the talent and see where I could go with it.

I am often inspired the works of other jewelers posting on various online jewelry forums. The willingness of others to share their pictures and give detailed descriptions of techniques and processes is just amazing.

Some of my favorite pieces to make are angels. I make a line of memorial jewelry that is completely inspired by my sweet baby Kelsi who died just a few days after birth. I have been told my pieces have a very angelic feel to them. I believe my sweet angel influences quite a bit of my style.