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Moldavite Stones & Crystals

Shop for genuine moldavite crystals and stones. We carry several types of moldavite crystals for sale from large rough or raw specimens to tumbled, chips, and cabochons. Real moldavite gemstones are great healing stones are perfect for people on the spiritual path who want to expand their consciousness.
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Moldavite Points & Wands

Raw Moldavite Crystals

Moldavite Shapes

Tumbled Moldavite Stones

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Meditating with a moldavite gemstone is helpful for opening the heart and elevating consciousness.

Moldavite Gemstone Meaning  Moldavite is quite popular in metaphysical circles and is well-known as a stone of spiritual awakening and an accelerant of personal evolution. As a green stone it is most active with the heart chakra, but the power of this stone can act on and open all chakras and enhance any spiritual pursuit. Visit Moldavite Meaning & Properties for more about the benefits of moldavite.