jane bari

jane bari

Self taught bead embroidery fanatic. I was taught to sew by the age of 4 by my impoverished immigrant mother who was creative. I took up beading at the age of 54 to help with my persistent dyslexia but it has not helped one bit. What has eventuated is a real passion for unique bead embroidery pieces which I sell online, in an exclusive art gallery and also exhibit. I love designing and making bold jewelry for women who know what they like and are not afraid to wear it. I love colour, form and texture, being a pastel and acrylic painter. I bead every day of the week in my beading room. When not beading, I am thinking of beads and their endless possibilities. I even dream up designs just before waking up. The twilight zone has greatly assisted me with my one of a kind designs.

Woodland Brooch Project

Woodland Brooch

I started off with some Lacey’s Stiff Stuff as the bead embroidery foundation. I dyed it to a suitable shade of black. I had a beautiful African turquoise cabochon which I had stashed away, waiting for the right moment of creativity to spark.  I sewed different semi precious stones around the cabochon, choosing muted tones that would […]

Kaleidoscope Beaded Cuff Project

Kaleidoscope Beaded Cuff

Kaleidescope Cuff is a celebration of colour, form and texture. I started off with a brass blank interior and covered this with pink Ultrasuede.  I try to avoid using dressed leather as some people are allergic to the dressing.  The Ultrasuede has been glued down with industrial strength glue and cut slightly larger than the cuff […]

Dragonfly Billabong Necklace Project

Dragonfly Billabong Necklace

Dragonfly Billabong is a representation of the centrality of water in Australia, a country where droughts feature often with a few “good” years thrown in between in order to make us forget. I used Lacy’s Stiff Stuff as the foundation. I dyed the white foundation with permanent black dye powder mixed into water and let […]