Rosette Shenouda

I ve been making Jewelry for only few months !! and i found myself really talented and fast learner, and now i am addicted to Jewelry making!!
I mainly like to use wire in my Jewelry pieces, creating contemporary designs , and combining it with different kinds of beads.

Flower Earrings Project

Flower Earrings

This earring is made of gold tone nontarnishable wire. I started by shaping the wire in a teardrop shape to make petals. I made four petals overlapping each other, creating a flower shape. Then I attached a green stone teardrop to each flower and a gold hook at the top to finish the earrings. Love […]

Joyeux Noel Christmas Tree Beaded Earrings Project

Joyeux Noel Christmas Tree Beaded Earrings

I started this earring by placing a Swarovski 4 mm Siam cube crystal on a head pin. I then placed a 6 mm Swarovski Margarita bead, then 8 mm crystal, then 10 mm crystal, and finished it with a 6mm brown bicone bead to complete the Christmas tree shape. I attached the head pin to […]

Turquoise Wrist Wrap Project

Turquoise Wrist Wrap

The main materials used in this unique bracelet is 8 mm turquoise magnesite stones and bronze leather cord. I started by using the leather cord, making two strands, then I started weaving the stones between the two strand cord so that the bracelet will be wrapped three times around the wrist. Finally, I attached a […]

Sparkling Iris Blue Beads Ring Project

Sparkling Iris Blue Beads Ring

I started by shaping 16 gauge silver plated wire to form a swirl shape on the side of the ring, then zigzag shape in the middle, then a swirl at the other side of the ring. Then I hammered the wire to give it a flat texture. Finally I added those beautiful 4 mm iris […]

Matte Gold Necklace Project

Matte Gold Necklace

This necklace is a nice combination of gold and brown. I started with a big link gold chain, then I attached a unique big toggle clasp in the same color. To finish I used small link chain to dangle three brown Murano style lampwork glass beads from the clasp.

Turquoise Howlite Necklace Project

Turquoise Howlite Necklace

This necklace is a nice combination of turquoise and brown colors. I started by twisting 2 strands of natural shell beads together, attaching a silver bail to it. I linked the turquoise howlite teardrop pendant to the bail. For an adjustable size, I attached brown satin ribbon in place of a clasp.

Swirly Zigzag Pendant Project

Swirly Zigzag Pendant

In my jewelry creations, I like to mainly use wire, as I love creating different styles, colors and textures with it. In this piece I used 16 gauge silver plated wire. I shaped it in a swirl and zigzag shape, then started hammering it to give it a different texture. After that I started attaching […]

Tree Of Life Pendant Project

Tree Of Life Pendant

I started this piece by twisting many pieces of silver color wire together creating a stem shape. I took one set of ends and bended them in the shape of roots. I attached green stones on the other set of ends to create tree branches.

Apple Pendant Project

Apple Pendant

I started this piece by shaping a piece of 16 gauge silver plated wire into an S-shape; then I started hammering it, creating a different texture. I then used two pieces of wire by twisting them together, then wrapping them around the S-shape wire. At last I started attaching the leaf shaped charms and a […]

Chain Strands Bracelet Project

Chain Strands Bracelet

In this piece, I worked with chains to create a modern, contemporary look. I started by attaching round, square, and oval antique silver charms to a shiny silver chain, then repeated the steps creating four strands. I finished the bracelet with a toggle clasp.

Twisted Wire Turquoise Bracelet Project

Twisted Wire Turquoise Bracelet

I started with two pieces of 24 gauge silver plated wire and twisted them together. At various intervals I strung pearls and turquoise gemstones on one wire strand and twisted the other wire around them. I repeated this technique to create 5 strands, and then I tangled the strands together in a random way.

Black and Red Chandelier Earrings Project

Black and Red Chandelier Earrings

This earring is a nice combination of wire, beads and chain. I used black color wire and attached a black chain to it, then I started working with beads using 4 mm black jet Swarovski crystals and 6 mm Czech red glass beads. These earrings are very suitable to wear with an evening gown.

Festive Pink Cuff Project

Festive Pink Cuff

It took me a while to design this piece, as I wanted to make a modern and colorful cuff but make it edgy and elegant at the same time. Usually I am not a big fan of seed beads but I can see that it works great in this piece. This piece is a combination […]

Contemporary Earring Project

Contemporary Earring

In my jewelry pieces I focus mainly on contemporary styles, so in this piece I tried to give it a modern, different look than the traditional earring. This piece was constructed from silver plated 16 gauge wire giving it a random, trendy shape, then attaching a 10mm purple rondelle bead at the end of the […]

Swirl Pearls Pendant Project

Swirl Pearls Pendant

I used wire wrapping in the construction of this pendant. I started by shaping the wire in a swirl shape and then started attaching the beads to it using freshwater creme pearls and 6mm purple bicone beads. Then, I finished it by a wire wrapped purple briolette. A silver tone chain is attached.

Rose Swarovski Necklace Project

Rose Swarovski Necklace

I am a huge fan of pearls, and I love to use them in many pieces. In this piece I combined a creme coin shaped pearl with 4mm rose Swarovski crystals and attached them to an 18 inch silver plated chain. I think they are a great combination!

Sun Inspired Necklace Set Project

Sun Inspired Necklace Set

I love working with wire, so in this piece I focused mainly on giving wire a different and modern shape. To make the pendants, I used gold tone wire and combined it with a 12 mm black glass bead. I strung one on an 18 inch gold plated ball chain for the necklace, and attached […]