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Peridot Stones & Crystals

Peridot is a Birthstone for AugustList of Birthstones

Natural peridot stones for sale in a variety of shapes & sizes.

Peridot Gemstone Meaning  Peridot is a positive energy stone. It vibrates with the energy of sunshine, showering you with blessings and abundance. It helps bring the physical reality of your life into alignment with your true purpose and joy. It can help you release past hardships, and step into a new reality of fruitful goodness. Visit Peridot Meaning & Properties for more about the benefits of peridot.

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Peridot Cabochons

Peridot Points & Wands

Raw Peridot Crystals

Peridot Shapes

Tumbled Peridot Stones

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Thank you for shopping for Peridot Stones & Crystals! Peridot healing properties include: abundance & money, hope, joy, luck, positive energy, purpose. We have scoured Etsy to find the best genuine peridot stones & crystals. We look for handcrafted & handmade, unique, OOAK, & high quality natural gemstones.