Delica beads

Delica beads

A variety of seed bead that is small and perfectly cylindrical, so they easily snap into place in peyote stitch and brick stitch beadweaving. They also have large wholes for their size, making it easier to pass multiple strands of thread through each bead. Delica is actually a brand name, made by Miyuki–the generic term is “cylinder bead”.

Delica beads are a specific type of seed beads that are perfectly cylindrical. They are modern Japanese beads with thin walls and large holes; they can be smooth or six-sided. Delicas are made by Miyuki of Japan using precise, computer-controlled machinery to create very high quality beads. They are extremely consistent in size and color. They are easier to work with than normal seed beads because their holes are especially large for their diameters (1.8mm).

Delicas are a recent addition to the bead world. These beads are available in a dizzying array of colors and finishes. To enhance the colored glass, some beads are dyed or treated: these beads are less durable and may be damaged by laundering or cleaning. Delicas on average cost about twice as much as ordinary seed beads.

A nice feature about Delicas is that they are as tall as they are wide, so they can be used with square graphs like cross-stitch patterns. Also, the large holes make Delicas easier to work with when creating bead projects that are knitted or crocheted.

Delica Beads are preferred by bead artisans for woven jewelry and art projects like bracelets, bags that require an even, symmetrical appearance. They’re perfect for loomed pieces as well because they produce a finished product that is very smooth and consistent. Delicas are an excellent choice for curved pieces. When used in curved patterns like as a Spiral or Rosette stitches, the finished product has a better shape. In a more angular Herringbone weave projects, these beads provide superior definition to the piece.

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