Wire Wrapped Beaded Hair Clip

Bead and Wire Hairclip Project InstructionsThis hairclip uses similar techniques as our wire wrapped earrings. It also makes a fun (supervised) project for kids.


Hair Clip Making Supplies




Slide a piece of wire several inches long through your first bead. Use your thumb to hold the bead in place on the hair clip while you wrap the two tails of wire around the clip.

hair-clip-bead-wrap.jpgAs you come to the end of your first wire tail, make a small loop at the end of it with your round nose pliers. Continue to wrap the wire inward to make a coil pattern; press the coil design flat against the bead. With your other tail, make a small loop at the end and coil it around one of the noses of your round nose pliers and press the tail between the current bead and the next bead. Continue this process until you’ve reached the end of your hair clip.

Hair Clip with BeadsRemember to end all your wirework on top of the hair clip, not at the bottom. This keeps the wire from snagging the hair.

You can add your own twist or signature to your clip — go with wild or unusual beads, more or less wire or wire twisted in a different pattern. Experiment and have fun!

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