Chunky Bracelet and Earring Set

muddy-waters-horizontal.jpgArtsy meets sophisticated in this simple but unique bracelet and earring set.






With this set, placement of the beads is key. The larger, bolder beads gathered together in the front really make a statement, whether you’re creating a necklace or a bracelet. Keep that in mind as you string your beads on the beading wire. Alternate with the other ceramic beads and the small, round glass beads, which make a fine and subtle supporting cast to these unique ceramic beads which seem to have a language all their own. Be careful not to pull the wire too tightly when finishing with your clasp, as the bracelet will be stiff. A little slack when you’re adding your last crimp bead will help the bracelet move a bit more freely.

The narrow ceramic beads work well for the earrings; they are just enough. Anything more might be too heavy. Add these and the small round beads to your eyepins, make a loop at the ends and add them to your ear wires. Nothing speaks so well as one-of-a-kind ceramic beads, which I’ve really come to enjoy. Have fun!

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