Filigree Link Bracelet

I have a special fondness for antique jewelry, so you might understand why I was drawn to these filigree pieces I found recently at a craft store. I particularly liked the antique gold finish — it made these lovely pieces even better. That same day, I picked up some heavy chain in that same antique gold finish, and felt certain I could create something beautiful with it.

Later the idea came to pair the chain and the filigree pieces, and it was all a simple process.




  • length of heavy chain
  • filigree metal pieces
  • clasp



Measure Chain

Determine how long you want your bracelet to be (keeping in mind the size of the clasp), and detach that length from your chain.


Undo Chain for Links

Extract several links from the chain, by gently bending the links with your chain-nose pliers. Eight to ten links should do it.



Arrange your filigree pieces in the sequence you’ll want them in for your bracelet.


Connect Filigree Pieces

Use your heavy chain links to connect your filigree pieces. Make a strand as long as your other chain strand.


Connect Clasp

Take another single link and pass it through the ending links of the chain, the hole in the last filigree piece, and one end of your barrel clasp. Repeat this process for the other end of your bracelet to finish it.

Filigree Chain Bracelet

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