Nylon Definition


A synthetic material which is very strong and elastic. This is what bead thread and monofilament are made of.

Nylon is a synthetic material for beading that is both strong and flexible.

C-Thru “Thread” is a woven clear nylon cord similar to fishing line, but not just a single strand like monofilament. It’s great for clear beads, such as Austrian crystal, where you want little or no cord color to show through. It may also be used where you would use nylon cord. It knots well and can be used with bead tips.

Invisible Beading Cord is clear and nearly undetectable to the naked eye, perfect for illusion-style necklaces.

Super Strength “Parachute” Necklace Cord is a strong, durable and abrasion-resistant material for stringing beads. Super hi-tech “spectra fibers,” provide extraordinary strength but less stretch compared to other monofilaments. It is naturally waterproof and UV resistant .

“Silkon” Bonded Nylon is used for “hard” gem bead materials which can have very raw openings that can fray the beading thread. Metal and gem beads, including garnet, rock crystal, amethyst, and others must be drilled for threading. Drilling holes in the hard materials leaves a rough surface not suitable for silk or less tear-resistant threads. Bonded nylon comes in many colors which can enhance the color of gems or beads and is easy to knot securely. Silkon thread is sold in 20-yard and 100-yard spools.

Nymo is a nylon thread specifically made for beading seed beads that’s similar in width to dental floss. Beeswax or Thread Heaven™ should be use to condition Nymo before beginning any seed or bugle bead projects to keep the thread from fraying. Nymo is sized from “OO”, or superfine to “O”, fine with “D” or thick. All Nymo weights are available in black and white , while “O” weight comes in a variety of colors.

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