Moss Jasper Necklace Set

moss-jasper-necklace-set.jpgGreen is my favorite color, so it’s not hard to imagine why I was drawn to these stones. I was completely inspired by them! This set is easy to create, is subtly classic, but sure to grab attention, too.




  • about 12 very small gemstone beads (4 mm)
  • about 20 small gemstone beads (7 mm)
  • about 10 small glass beads of a matching color (8 mm)
  • four large coin gemstone beads (16 mm)
  • large focal gemstone bead
  • handful of spacer beads
  • a clasp
  • 2 headpins
  • 2 earwires





Design Your Necklace

Though the length of the necklace is up to you, my necklace measures 18.5 inches, and I think this necklace works better short because you really want the center stone to catch attention.

I’ve tapered small as the necklace nears the clasp, and I used my smallest stones (4 millimeters) in that area. I brought my larger stones down to the front and, of course, my largest stone is the center focal bead.

I strung the beads on my wire in a spacer-stone-glass bead-stone-spacer sequence throughout most of the necklace. Toward the front of the necklace, I incorporated a coin stone-spacer-focal stone-spacer-coin stone sequence. I selected a roped silver toggle clasp, which sets it off nicely.


Start With the Clasp

String your beading wire through your crimp bead, then through the eye of one half of your clasp; bring it back down through your crimp bead, pull the wire taut and use your crimping pliers to crimp the crimp bead.


String Beads

String on your beads in the sequence you laid out.


Finish the Necklace

Finish your necklace the same way you started, adding the other half of your clasp. Using your chain-nose pliers, push the wire tail back through a few beads before snipping it off.


Keep two 16-millimeter coin stones, two 7-millimeter round stones, two 4-millimeter round stones and two spacers for your earrings. 


Add Beads to Headpin

String the beads on head pins in a coin stone-spacer-round stone-smallest round stone sequence.


Attach Earwire

Using your round-nose pliers, make a loop at the top of the headpin. Bend it back slightly so it is centered over the headpin. Slip the earwire into the loop and close it.

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