Intan Myer

I'm a self-taught jewelry and bead maker. I've been making jewelry for 3 years and started making my own beads this last year specializing in eco-friendly material. I'm inspired to create something out of nothing and try to do my part toward living in a greener society.

Futuristic Jewelry Set Project

Futuristic Jewelry Set

I love wirework, and this piece is designed using simple wire wrapping techniques. You can make this with seed beads as the base or just chain. I made mine with Swarovski bicone size 6 in clear. I then made the dangles with Bali silver beads, pearls in grey and recycled glass beads I made from […]

Red Glass Autumn Necklace Project

Red Glass Autumn Necklace

First, I made these round beads from off cuts glass. Due to unknown C.O.E. of the glass I couldn’t mix any other colors on the beads hence I made the disc beads to add interest to my piece. I strung some citrine chips on small waxed linen thread in different length with small knots on […]

Charming Bracelet Project

Charming Bracelet

I love wire work. I created this piece from leftover bits and pieces I had here and there: washers from my husband’s shed, buttons from my needlework box, charms from previous projects. I first created the base by making a loop and wrapping the loop on a metal washer and making another loop on the […]

Antique Turquoise Collar Project

Antique Turquoise Collar

I made this antique turquoise piece using 2 sizes of round turquoise beads. You may use from 8mm for the smaller ones and 20mm for the big ones to have this effect. I use wire wrapping technique for each dangle with bronze eye pins to get that antique effect that would match the spider veins […]

The Winning Heart Necklace Project

The Winning Heart Necklace

When Rick wanted to add few hearts in this necklace for his wife’s birthday, I thought that his hearts will disappear in the blue ocean with sea creatures but one big heart could be a winner. I created this three-in-one using my own beads that were made from Effetre, recycled glass and sea creature charms […]

Bold Orange and Green Bracelet Project

Bold Orange and Green Bracelet

Orange is in this summer in New Zealand. I love orange, and I feel very fortunate to have created this piece with my own beads combined with my favourite technique which is wire work. I made the base of the bracelet with size 6 seed beads, it took me 4 hours to create this piece […]