Tish McDermott

About two years ago, I began making jewelry when I couldn't find anything that 'did it' for me in the mass-produced, commercial jewelry. I started out by looking at how commercial pieces were made, and thought I would try it. The stones I use speak to me, whispering confidence, peace, and protection. My pieces are unique, choosing stones for their properties rather than their colors.

Once I started making jewelry for myself, it became my passion, my obsession, my therapy, my joy. JustATish designs were born!

My inspiration comes from everything around me. In my dreams, I process the sights, sounds, and experiences of the day and design the next day's jewelry.

Sky’s The Limit Bold Turquoise Bracelet Project

Sky’s The Limit Bold Turquoise Bracelet

Turquoise ladder beads click and clack around your wrist in this fun and simple design. You can’t help but feel you are walking in the clouds when wearing this! What you will need: 14 – turquoise ladder beads 13 – Bali style barrel spacers 2 – 2x 1 crimp tubes 4 – 4 mm sterling […]

Chunky Mookite Bracelet Project

Chunky Mookite Bracelet

Mookite (also spelled Mookaite) has a warmth and richness of color making it perfect for fall. What you will need: 7 – 12mm faceted puffed mookite coins 6 – 4mm bicone Czech crystals 7 – 2″ pieces of 22 gauge round half hard sterling wire 6 – 1″ pieces of 24 gauge round half hard […]

Wire Wrapped Agate Earrings Project

Wire Wrapped Agate Earrings

Fun and flirty design, goes great with any outfit. What you will need: 2 – top drilled 10 x 12 mm faceted briolettes 18 – 6mm sterling silver jump rings 2 – 2 1/2″ 22 gauge half hard round sterling wire 2 – sterling silver french hooks Wrap an open end loop at the end […]

Beaded Fabric Bookmark Project

Beaded Fabric Bookmark

This is a fun and creative gift for all occasions. What you will need: 2 – 10 3/4″ x 1 3/4″ scraps of heavy cotton fabric. I used apolstry samples. 1 – 9″ x 1″ piece of fabric bonding material – Sticth Witchery. 1 – 2″ piece of nylon cord. 14″ of 22 gauge sterling […]

Wire-Wrapped Iolite Earrings Project

Wire-Wrapped Iolite Earrings

I like the mechanical function of these earrings. Wire wrapping each bead separately gives it a fun swing. What you will need: 2 – 10mm faceted iolite roundels 2 – 12mm Celtic style sterling beads 4 – 1 1/2″ pieces of 22 gauge round half hard sterling wire. 1 – Sterling 4mm ball post and […]

Carnelian And Turquoise Necklace Project

Carnelian And Turquoise Necklace

I use to shy away from turquoise only because of the way the pieces were set. They were all the same. It is such a beautiful stone and such a compliment to many other stones, I couldn’t help myself. This combination reminds me of a sunset walk on the beach, cool waves and warm skies. […]

Imagination Facination Bracelet Project

Imagination Facination Bracelet

This bracelet is an African opal bracelet with Czech crystal bi-cone flirts. How to make it: Cut two pieces of leather cord about 1 1/2″ shorter than you want it to be to allow for the focal bead and the clasp. I used a heavier 20 gauge half hard sterling silver wire, and did a […]