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Yellow Sapphire Gemstones

About Yellow Sapphire   Yellow sapphire is one of the best stones for manifestation, wealth-building, and creating success. It strengthens your willpower, and helps you overcome fear and doubt and stay the course no matter what. Visit Yellow Sapphire Meaning & Properties for more.

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Yellow Sapphire Cabochons

Raw Yellow Sapphire Crystals

Yellow Sapphire Shapes

Tumbled Yellow Sapphire

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Thank you for shopping for Yellow Sapphire Gemstones! Yellow Sapphire healing properties include: abundance & money, confidence & self-love, empowerment, manifesting, vitality. We have scoured Etsy to find the best genuine yellow sapphire gemstones. We look for handcrafted & handmade, unique, OOAK, & high quality natural gemstones.