Simple Wire Wrapped Earrings

An ordinary bead becomes extraordinary in this easy wire wrapped earring project. Ready to have some fun?





pretty-in-pink-long-loop.jpgTo begin, slip one of your beads onto a head pin. Proceed to make an ordinary loop, but leave more room at the end before the loop starts, so you can wrap the excess wire around the head pin.

wrapping-blue-bead.jpgHold the eye of the pin firmly with your chain nose pliers, and begin to wrap the tail away from you. It should look something like what you see here (different bead pictured). You should be able to go two or three times around. You’ll have a small bit of wire sticking out when you are at the end of wrapping your tail. Trim that with your wire cutters, so that all the wire is flush against the pin.

pretty-in-pink-wrapped-bead-start-resized.jpgNext, begin wrapping your 24-gauge wire around the pin more or less where your wrapped pin work ends. Keep wrapping as the pin transitions to the bead. Wrap the wire away from your body, keeping the wire close against the previous wrap and snug to the bead.

pretty-in-pink-halfway-wrapped.jpgOnce you’ve wrapped the top portion of the bead, snip your wire so that you have about four inches of wire left. Make a small loop at the end of that tail and use your chain nose pliers to coil the wire inward, toward the bead. Keep your coil nice and tight. Once you’ve coiled the wire completely (that is, you’ve run out of tail), press the coil firmly against the bead.

pretty-in-pink-all-done.jpgSlip your jump rings through the eye of each wire wrapped bead, add them to your ear wires and you’re done!


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  1. Avatar Jehan

    thank you so much for posting this – i’ve had a hard time finding a posting that demonstrates this technique with as much clarity and decent photos to follow along.

    Much appreciated!

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