Beaded Chain Eyeglass Holder

This is an easy and useful project that will jazz up your glasses while keeping them from getting lost. I opted for a chain eyeglass holder because I like the look of chain, but I wanted to add some color, too.




  • length of chain (measure as directed below)
  • jump rings
  • eyeglass arm holders (these are findings that allow you to attach the chain to your glasses)
  • pony beads in two different colors (I used purple and blue)


Making beaded eyeglass holders is much like making a necklace, but the length is extra important so that your glasses will rest about mid chest. Lengths will vary per person, so measure your chain using your actual glasses before you begin. For me, the right length was about 18 inches. Use your wire cutters to clip the chain when you have the right length.

Slide the two eyeglass arm holders onto the arms of your glasses; the fit should be snug. There should be a little hole in the arm holders; that hole should be facing downward, so that the chain will hang straight down.

Put a jump ring through each of the holes in the arm holders, and attached the chain to the jump rings. Add pony beads to a handful of jump rings and attach them to the links in your chain in any pattern that you like. I varied the spacing and the number of beads used on each jump ring to create an off-beat look. Have fun!


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  1. Avatar Kaylin

    Can you buy the little arm holders at a craft store? I need to know where I can find those.

  2. Avatar Michele

    Hi Kaylin,
    I actually think I bought cheapie eyeglass holders just to get the little ‘arm holders’….I couldn’t find the arm holders ANYWHERE! I hope you’ll have more success than I did.


  3. Avatar cyrina

    hey the rubber findings you have in this picture are the exact ones i am trying to find…..could you help me out? I would REALLY appreciate it sooooo much!


  4. Avatar Michele

    Hi Cyrina,
    Here’s a little secret: I bought ordinary eyeglass holders (fabric…at WalMart, I think), then I tossed the fabric cord out, but kept the little rubber holder thingies. Otherwise, I couldn’t find the rubber thingies anywhere! Have fun making this project!


  5. Avatar Darlene

    You can purchase the eye glass holders in any Craft store. Phone first and ask if they sell beads, if they say yes you can buy holders there. I got two dozen for three dollars.
    Happy beading

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