Double Chain and Pendant Necklace

double-chain-and-pendant-necklace.jpgLike chain? Here’s an easy project that adds life to ordinary chain.





  • jump rings
  • lobster-claw clasp
  • pendant
  • two types of chain, preferably one more ornate chain and one simple chain


First, let’s cut some chain! Decide how long you’d like your necklace to be (I prefer shorter ones, and I think it works well with this design), and cut both styles of chain equal lengths.

two-inch-chain.jpgAlso cut another small piece of the more ornate chain, about 2.5 inches long. Set it aside.

adding-clasp-to-chain.jpgTake a jump ring and bring it through both chains on one end. Put a lobster clasp (hook part) on that same jump ring.

connecting-extention-chain.jpgAt the other end of the chain, put a jump ring through both chains. Put your smaller piece of the more ornate chain through the same jump ring. This will extend your necklace, so that it will be adjustable. Some days you may like it short, and other days you may like it longer, so why not be prepared for both, right?

slip-chain-through-pendant.jpgSlide your pendant onto your chain. That’s it!


  1. Avatar Kelly L

    I made something similar to this with the same types of chains and a different pendent, to me it added a whole to type of style to the outfits i wore it with! it was very easy to make and i absolutely love this necklace.

  2. Avatar Lorna

    beginner looking for some help, Please? Have a large stone with a hole in the middle of it, trying to get it to lay flat, cannot figure it out. Can you help?

  3. Avatar kathyj

    if it is shaped like a donut you can wrap wire around it and form a
    wrapped loop, then wrap on the other side of the loop…then I curl the very ends of the wire and press against the donut. If what you have is a large bead with a hole going up and down the stone then put a silver head pin in and creat a wrapped loop at the top to hang it from

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