Double-Stranded Necklace

jade-and-pearl-necklace.jpgThis necklace idea started with the focal bead that I wanted to create a special piece for. It was especially eye-catching, and I knew only a spectacular supporting cast would do.





jade-arrangement.jpgStarting with your focal bead in the center, lay out your bead on your bead board.

Since this is a two-layer necklace, there is a ‘lower’ level and an ‘upper’ level. The jade pieces cover both levels, so start with a jade piece on either side of the focal piece.

Next, add pearls and spacers in varying color and size sequences. I placed 6mm white pearl on top and 9mm green pearl on bottom to start the sequencing, and then I changed up the sequencing, alternating between white and green pearls, small and larger millimeter sizes and tossing in two different style gold spacers further up the strands for flavor.



Once you’ve got your beads arranged, extract the focal bead and treat it as you would a clasp; that is to say, pull two strands of wire through two holes/openings on either side of the focal bead, and add your crimp bead to each, crimping with the crimping pliers. Do the same to the other side.

focal-threaded-with-jade-and-pearls.jpgBegin adding your beads, just as they are laid out on your design board. Do one side first, then the other side.

crimp-half-claspOnce one side is completed, add half of the clasp, and then add the other half when you complete your other side. Be sure to pull your wire tightly through the crimp bead as you are finishing and adding your clasp.

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  1. Avatar Betty

    Hi Johanna,

    The jade and pearl necklace is georgous. It looks like the large jade beads that are closest to the focal bead are drilled with double holes.
    Are they? If so where can I purchase some? I don’t recall seeing double holes drilled in beads.



  2. Avatar Michele

    Hi and thanks! Glad you liked this piece. It was fun to do, and had a really good result, I thought. You’re right…those jade beads do have two sets of holes drilled through them. I cannot remember where I got the beads, but I did end up disassembling this piece, deciding to use the beads in another project. I have these jade beads still! I ended up not using them, and would be happy to send them to you, if you’d like. They are really nice. I’ll drop them in the mail, no charge. You can email me your address at [email protected].

    Happy Beading!

  3. Avatar Diane

    I love this necklace! I’ve been trying to find a site for similar focal beads. Can you supply a link? Thanks-

  4. Avatar Michele

    Glad you like the necklace…thanks! Someone emailed me yesterday about this necklace, then I finally remembered I picked up the Jade pieces at Michael’s Craft Store. You might also check Pat Catan’s for similar beads. I bought the beads for this piece a while ago, and since I’ve not been beading lots, I’m not sure they still have the beads, but you never know. I wish you much success!


  5. Avatar Olanike

    This necklace is beautiful and creative.Please where can i get the jaded beads with 2 holes drilled through them.

    Many thanks

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