How to Make Easy Drop Earrings

These pearl and filigree drop earrings are a quick and easy project that is sure to bring lots of compliments! I used antique silver findings and filigree pieces, and silvery-gold pearls to make these simple drop earrings.







Start at the Top

Put the smaller two pearls on two eye pins, and then trim them to an appropriate length so you can add a loop at the top. You may need to practice a few times so you get a sense of how much wire is required to make a loop. Before closing the loop completely, attach the earwire by slipping the bottom loop of the earwire onto your loop. Close it snugly and you’re done with the top part!


Add the Connector

Use a jump ring to connect the beaded eye pin to the filigree piece. Gently open the jump ring by pushing one end toward you and the other away with two pliers. Hook it onto the bottom loop of your eye pin and the top loop of your connector, and close the jump ring.


Attach the Bottom Bead

Lastly, take your larger 10mm pearls and put them on your head pins. Trim them to the right length and make your loop, hooking the loop through the bottom of your filigree piece. Close the loop and you’re done making these simple drop earrings!

Easy Drop Earrings

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  1. Avatar Susan

    I am just starting out beading and need some super easy ideas for jewlery…Christmas gifts”_

  2. Avatar Jabeen

    Wow nice thanks for sharing now I can easily make custom earrings by using your method and love the drop earrings.

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