Ines Arpe

Most of my jewelry pieces are made with wire and gemstones. Colors and their combination is my main inspiration, but occasionally I venture out to make a totally different piece. Sometimes it is to match a certain piece of clothing, sometimes it is to match a certain mood or occasion.

Collage Pendant With White Crystal Agate Druzy Project

Collage Pendant With White Crystal Agate Druzy

I started out with the fabulous crystal agate druzy. To get together an interesting mix of complimenting gemstones, I chose different shapes, sizes, colors and textures of Prehnite, amethyst, garnet, apatite, citrine and peridot. The ‘backplate’ is a round shaped grid which offers options to fix the gemstones anywhere you like and is also solid […]

Carnelian Single Drop Earrings Project

Carnelian Single Drop Earrings

First I hammered heavy wire into ear wires. Then I wrapped very thin wire around the ear wires, adding in a Swarovski crystal. Then I wire wrapped the carnelian beads and attached them to the ear wires. I tumble polished the finished earrings and oxidized all the copper wire to achieve the black color. Then […]

Desert Jasper Wheel Of Infinity Pendant Project

Desert Jasper Wheel Of Infinity Pendant

For this pendant I hand-form the frame with thick copper wire. I then wire wrap the frame with very thin copper wire while attaching tiny, 2mm copper beads at certain intervals. I wanted to use the very popular gemstone donuts but create a more elaborate look. I call these type of pendants “wheel of infinity” […]

All Year Round – Tree Pendant Project

All Year Round – Tree Pendant

I decided to make this pendant as a display of a whole year in the life of a deciduous tree. It is a wire wrapped solid copper pendant, showcasing a bare, winter tree with the attached Czech glass leaves displaying the seasons change. Starting with bright, lush green leaves in spring, a sparkling pale pink […]

Saturn Pendant Project

Saturn Pendant

I wanted to use this lovely glowing Chalcedony bead as a pendant, but it really needed some added interest and color. I hand formed the ring/frame out of thick 18g wire in roughly a similar yet different shape to the gemstone. I then hammered it and used 28g soft copper wire to wrap it with […]

Seed Beads Scarf Necklace Project

Seed Beads Scarf Necklace

I wanted to make a necklace for winter (I am in Australia), a substantial piece that can hold its own over bulky jumpers. This scarf necklace is made with 14 strands of glass seed beads, glass bugle beads and rose quartz beads, strung onto professional nylon beading thread. To keep the strands together, I made […]

Planetary System Earrings Project

Planetary System Earrings

I wire wrapped these hand-formed, hammered and polished hoops with very thin and soft 28g copper wire and gemstones (carnelian and labradorite) in a random order with other pieces and spirals added. They look a bit extra-terrestrial, hanging from big hand made loop ear wires that are wire wrapped with additional labradorite “stars”. I use […]

Chrysoprase And Fuchsia Jade Earrings Project

Chrysoprase And Fuchsia Jade Earrings

I wanted to use golden ear wires, but chunky ones rather than the traditional thin gold ones, so I decided to use solid brass. I took thick brass wire and hand formed it into the ear wires, hammered them first flat and then with a specialist hammer to create the texture. I then added small […]

Dark Coppear and Aquamarine Pendant Project

Dark Coppear and Aquamarine Pendant

This pendant definitely represents the dark side – of copper that is. It has been oxidized to a near black color and then polished with 0000 steel wool and afterward tumbled to have the copper shimmer through and at the same time increase strength and shine. The top gemstone is a natural aquamarine, the gemstones […]

Sculptured Lantern Earrings With Rock Quartz Project

Sculptured Lantern Earrings With Rock Quartz

These earrings are little replicas of lanterns that you can stick into the ground to illuminate your swimming pool or just a garden path. I hand formed thick copper wire, hammered, filed and polished it and then attached a sharply faceted oval rock quartz framed by little copper beads. Just a little bit different.

Halo Peridot Earrings Project

Halo Peridot Earrings

For a different take on birthstone earrings (August), I decided to make big hoop earrings that are nevertheless surprisingly light to wear. They remind me of a halo which decided me on their name. The hoop is formed out of solid thicker copper wire. It has been hammered flat a bit so that the wire […]

Abacus Pendant Project

Abacus Pendant

I had the idea to make this pendant as the old counting frame design offers lots of possibilities to personalize a piece of jewelry. The gemstones can be chosen to make the most out of the color combination or emphasize a single color but also to display birthstones of a family or group. It’s a […]

Goldstone And Green Anklet Project

Goldstone And Green Anklet

I was thinking of a book from my childhood. It was about this little African boy and his adventures. All the girls in the pictures wore anklets made with beads and large teeth! The long green glass beads reminded me of those teeth and the bright green color evokes a bit of a jungle feel. […]

Wire Wrapped Heart Pendant Project

Wire Wrapped Heart Pendant

There are situations where nothing but a heart will do. They are one of the most understood symbols of affection and very well liked as jewelry pieces. I set out to make a heart out of wire by hand forming the two pieces, then hammering them and finally wire wrapping them together. I then added […]

Copper Wire Earrings With Russian Amazonite And Apatite Project

Copper Wire Earrings With Russian Amazonite And Apatite

This piece was made with solid copper wire. First the thicker wire for the frame was cut, the ends were heated with a torch to get the little dots. It was then pickled in acid, formed and tumble polished. The amazonite, apatite, Swarovski crystal and copper bead were attached with very thin copper wire. The […]