Porchia Coleman

I simply love anything crafty. Knitting, crochet, scrapbook, call it, I am doing it. If it grants me instant gratification, even better. Making jewelry definitely grants me that ability with much satisfaction. What inspires me at this moment in my life is the natural beauty that women posses. We are artful, naturally and we harness strength that is incomparable. It is with this I seek to create the art of adornment through jewelry. A woman should be able to walk out of her home only with the fiercest of heels or flats and eclectic jewelry and still make the Earth move under her feet and minds wonder. I hope that my pieces will inspire that same fire and will make many the object of confidence and of love. Find beauty in all things but mostly, in yourself.

The Krishna Indian Deity Necklace Project

The Krishna Indian Deity Necklace

My love for all things royal and majestic is never ending. When I receive a handmade pendant, something just runs through me and the feeling is heightened even more when I find the complimenting beads to uplift the pendant. The Krishna necklace is constructed on softflex wire for flexibility. I wanted something that would add […]

Nuts & Berries Acai Berry And Coconut Earrings Project

Nuts & Berries Acai Berry And Coconut Earrings

I love bold jewelry, not necessarily the big diamond bold jewelry, but more so stones and off beat beads. I took a more eco friendly and modern route with these earrings. The Nuts & Berries earrings took about an 1 1/2 hours to make to ensure the smoothness of the steel wire to hold the […]

World Tour Mosaic Turquoise Necklace Project

World Tour Mosaic Turquoise Necklace

This necklace was inspired by a piece I saw of someone whose work I admire. I wanted to see if I could render something like it but in my own style. I love the boldness of the 20mm round mosaic turquoise beads and the contrast that the antiqued brass leaf motif beads caps provided against […]

Coloured Soul Tagua Necklace Project

Coloured Soul Tagua Necklace

This is a simple necklace to construct but fashionably effective. I paired tagua and acai berry with faux brown leather which I hand-knotted to allow the natural “vegetable ivory” tagua to show. The necklace is adjustable. I added cherry red acai berry beads to the ends for a finished look.

Pink Lemonade With Mint Necklace Project

Pink Lemonade With Mint Necklace

This was my very first attempt at hand knotting beads. I was so nervous but had to try it. I loved the beautiful contrast that the color salmon has against turquoise. So, with this piece, I hand knotted polished round volcano cherry quartz agate & a stabilized oval turquoise bead on white nylon/silk thread for […]

Patra’s Strut Egyptian Necklace Project

Patra’s Strut Egyptian Necklace

I love anything Egyptian. Some of the pieces I design will have a hint or full inspiration of this beautiful civilization. This bib-style necklace took just a little time to make as I did the measurements freehand. I wanted it to lay gradually with the focal point being the etched brass pendants with matte gold […]

Ms. Suge Sugilite Necklace Project

Ms. Suge Sugilite Necklace

This necklace was inspired by the Suge Avery character from the movie, “The Color Purple”. It is made up of several layers of deeply etched brass tubes which reflect the troubled layers her character possessed. The faceted crystal stones, potato pearls, mother of pearl shell beads and amethyst chips creates a halo that enhances the […]

Garden Romance Necklace Project

Garden Romance Necklace

I love anything dainty and feminine. The pinks, reds, ribbons and rose beads bring that out in this piece. This necklace is very simplistic in construction. I fed rose gold rope chain to through the porcelain beads and the center focal bead, which is faceted carnelian agate. To keep the beads in place, I used […]

Spring Love Earrings Project

Spring Love Earrings

To make these earrings I placed three mother of pearl beads in complimentary colors on gold-tone brass wire and formed a loop. I then fed the wire through the orange lace lentil beads. I wire wrapped one wire around the base of the second wire and formed a loop out of the other wire. In […]

Aaliyah Matti Necklace Set Project

Aaliyah Matti Necklace Set

The name and inspiration for this necklace set was derived from my late grandmother and favorite singer, the late Aaliyah. The beauty of this set just reminded me of their beauty. I worked with beautifully glowing faceted Peruvian blue chalcedony briolette beads and iridescent peach puff coin freshwater pearls. I strung the beads onto gold […]

Midnight Rendezvous Bracelet Project

Midnight Rendezvous Bracelet

All I wanted with these beads was for the shape and color to take front and center. The puffy triangle shape of the onyx made a beautiful statement. To highlight it’s beauty I used sterling silver beads and two square filigree bead caps. Since this is a fairly weighty piece, I added additional reinforcements by […]

Sweet Nectar Earrings Project

Sweet Nectar Earrings

These earrings are very simple in both style and construction. First I hand wire wrapped gold vermiel wire around medium sized light salmon faceted Chinese crystal briolette beads. Then I attached them to pendants that depicts a hummingbird receiving it’s daily nourishment; nectar from a beautiful flower. I knew that the frames needed to stand […]

The Raya Necklace Project

The Raya Necklace

The wooden crescent used in this piece was part of findings reserved for an upcoming collection for Chanel. I was lucky to run across this piece. The texture is very smooth and the pendant is large and unique. I added intricately carved cylinder wood as an accent and coconut beads to complete the necklace. I […]