Senegal Sunset Necklace

If you have an eye for color and a taste for the bold (yet classic!) you’re going to love this necklace.





senegal-setup2.jpgThe great thing about this necklace is that it’s boisterous and makes a statement. For that very reason, you’ll want to bring your heaviest beads down to the front as you do your setup on your design board.

senegal-setup1.jpgThe amber square and round ceramic beads that you’ll line up along the sides of your design board give this bold necklace a subtle and classic feel — even in the midst of all the fun we’re having down front!

The elegant gold spacers should make their tasteful appearance down front where they’ll add style and a soft delicacy to the unique heavy beads.

Such a bold piece calls for an equally distinctive clasp, and I found just that in this gold hook clasp that I’d used on several other pieces, but really like best with this necklace. It brings out the beauty even more.

String your beads on your wire with care; I felt more comfortable using a thicker beading wire for so heavy a piece, but you can use your best judgment. Enjoy!


  1. Avatar Jeevitha

    Hi Michele,

    This piece is really cool. I’m interested in designing such but the problem is I couldn’t find stores near me that sell these beads. Is their any way of getting them online?


  2. Avatar Michele McClendon

    Hi Jeevitha,
    If there is a Pat Catan’s store or a Michael’s craft store near you, you might have success finding these sorts of beads. Otherwise, you might try checking online. I never ordered online, but there are a slew of websites selling nice ceramic beads just like these. Searching for them is half the fun!

    All the best,

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