Wire Wrapped Toe Ring

sterling-silver-swirl-toe-ring.jpgWith summer sandals, toe rings let you show off a little bit of your creativity! Here’s a fun and basic design to get you started.






toe-ring-pound.jpgCut a piece of sterling silver wire about 3.5 to 4 inches long. Put your wire piece on your anvil and, using the rubber end of your mallet, hammer the entire piece. Turn it over and hammer the other side. This makes your sterling wire stronger.

toe-ring-loop.jpgTake your wire and make a loop in it with your round nose pliers. Wrap the wire around your loop a little.

toe-rin-beginning-swirl-with-pliers.jpgUsing your chain-nose pliers, grasp the small swirled piece and continue wrapping the wire around and around.

toe-ring-first-press.jpgAfter you’ve wrapped the wire around the loop three or four times, place the wrapped piece on the front of your toe and press it firmly in place.

toe-ring-bring-around-2.jpgWrap the tail of the wire around the side and bottom of your toe, bringing it back up the other side.

toe-ring-slip-off-swirl.jpgPull the ring-in-progress gently off your toe, being careful to retain the shape. Make a loop in the tail and, gripping the wire with your chain-nose pliers, wrap the wire down and inward, toward your body.

toe-ring-slip-on-swirl.jpgWhen you’ve wrapped enough for the toe ring to fit your toe well, slip it back on and press your second swirl firmly in place, just beneath the first one. You’re done — enjoy showing it off!

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  1. Avatar Cristina

    I just found your blog…I’m loving your ideas, I think I will be definitely trying out the toe ring. I’m just getting into more wire jewelry projects, this looks like it will be a good intro project.

  2. Avatar michele

    Good to have you! Yes, this is a fun and easy project…a good intro to wire. I wish you much success!:)


  3. Avatar merinda

    Does your pliers make marks on the wire? What do you do to prevent it or get the marks out of wire?

  4. Avatar Michele

    Hi Merinda,
    In my experience, I end up having some faint markings, no matter what tools I use. The chain-nose pliers (and other pliers with a ‘smooth’ surface) work well enough, but having to ‘grip’ the wire so tightly may leave some faint markings. But usually it’s nothing too unsightly. You may have to experiment with various tools on, say, copper wire. Once you know what you’re working with and when you are more confident, you can move on to sterling. Hopefully by then, you’ll have mastered leaving ‘minimal’ (if any!) marks. Hope this helps.

    Happy Beading!

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