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Stiff Stuff Jewelry Ideas

Butterfly Brooch Project

Butterfly Brooch

The wings are kept in resin. I glued them onto Stiff Stuff and surrounded them with very small Miyuki Delica beads and rocaille seed beads . The back is finished with dark green Ultrasuede and a brass brooch pin.

Butterflywings Project


For these very special earrings, I used real butterflywings. I glued them on ultra-suede and stiff stuff. After beading the surrounding in peyote, I filled the holes whith the matching colors from the wings. I finished the earrings with ultra suede on the back and combined the earrings with Swarovski beads 5000 en 5328.

Kaleidoscope Beaded Cuff Project

Kaleidoscope Beaded Cuff

Kaleidescope Cuff is a celebration of colour, form and texture. I started off with a brass blank interior and covered this with pink Ultrasuede.  I try to avoid using dressed leather as some people are allergic to the dressing.  The Ultrasuede has been glued down with industrial strength glue and cut slightly larger than the cuff […]

Woodland Brooch Project

Woodland Brooch

I started off with some Lacey’s Stiff Stuff as the bead embroidery foundation. I dyed it to a suitable shade of black. I had a beautiful African turquoise cabochon which I had stashed away, waiting for the right moment of creativity to spark.  I sewed different semi precious stones around the cabochon, choosing muted tones that would […]

Violet Embroidered Fantasy Necklace Project

Violet Embroidered Fantasy Necklace

Bead embroidered cuff and necklace made from rough opals (polished by myself), charoite, amethyst, pearls, swarovski, silver beads, rainbow moonstone beads, purple jade, violet glass beads (roses) and Miyuki Delicas. For the base I used Lacy’s Stiff Stuff and a blank brass collar and cuff. To make this whole set, including polishing the opals, takes […]

Treasures In The Woods Beadded Cuff Project

Treasures In The Woods Beadded Cuff

I love to combine different materials and colours in jewelry. So this bracelet is made with Fimo cabochons, pearls, lucite flowers and of course Swarovski. The beads are beaded on stiff stuff, with a cuff within. I got my inspiration when I saw the cabochons. Suddenly I got a picture in my head of walking […]

Star Of Ice Cuff Project

Star Of Ice Cuff

I stiched around the rivoli with Delica beads onto Stiff Stuff. Then I worked around with white and crystal silver lined miyuki rocailles. Next I put white drops in between and put them together with tiny silver lined 15/0 rocailles. I glued the Stiff Stuff onto the bracelet and finished the back with ultra suede. […]

Seahorse Necklace Project

Seahorse Necklace

I made this Seahorse necklace for a contest in the Netherlands with a Fantasty theme. Its partly beaded on stiff stuff, with ultra-suede on the back. I used a lot of miuyki rocailles in different sizes, vintage brass flowers and freshwaterpearls. On the left side are the waves of the water, the right side are […]

Dragonfly Billabong Necklace Project

Dragonfly Billabong Necklace

Dragonfly Billabong is a representation of the centrality of water in Australia, a country where droughts feature often with a few “good” years thrown in between in order to make us forget. I used Lacy’s Stiff Stuff as the foundation. I dyed the white foundation with permanent black dye powder mixed into water and let […]

If you purchase through these links, we may receive a small commission. Disclosure
If you purchase through these links, we may receive a small commission. Disclosure
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