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30 Wire Wrapped Jewelry Ideas

Orbital Rings Wire Wrapped Bracelet Project

Orbital Rings Wire Wrapped Bracelet

I have wire wrapped some freshwater pearls in lime and spruce to this antiqued silver large round link chain. I have added some 4mm filigree antique silver beads as well for two reasons. One for a decorative touch and second to fill in the gap as the pearls were too small.

Apple Pendant Project

Apple Pendant

I started this piece by shaping a piece of 16 gauge silver plated wire into an S-shape; then I started hammering it, creating a different texture. I then used two pieces of wire by twisting them together, then wrapping them around the S-shape wire. At last I started attaching the leaf shaped charms and a […]

Wire Wrapped Heart Pendant Project

Wire Wrapped Heart Pendant

There are situations where nothing but a heart will do. They are one of the most understood symbols of affection and very well liked as jewelry pieces. I set out to make a heart out of wire by hand forming the two pieces, then hammering them and finally wire wrapping them together. I then added […]

Wire Wrapped Swarovski Crystal Ring Project

Wire Wrapped Swarovski Crystal Ring

This adjustable wire wrapped ring is made with aqua Swarovski crystals and non-tarnish artistic wire. This ring can fit any size. I loved making this ring; it was easy but challenging at the same time. You have to make sure that you turn it the right way.

Sun Inspired Necklace Set Project

Sun Inspired Necklace Set

I love working with wire, so in this piece I focused mainly on giving wire a different and modern shape. To make the pendants, I used gold tone wire and combined it with a 12 mm black glass bead. I strung one on an 18 inch gold plated ball chain for the necklace, and attached […]

Oval Wire Wrapped Crystal Earrings Project

Oval Wire Wrapped Crystal Earrings

I wanted a soft look on this wire wrapped earrings so I used Swarovski crystals of aquamarine, light rose, and light sapphire. I also added pearls and mini handmade spirals to bring out the classy look of this pair of earrings.

Swirl Earrings Project

Swirl Earrings

Pink and silver colored dangle swirl earrings. Made from wire, charms, and pink glass beads.

Copper Bead Ring Project

Copper Bead Ring

I loved this bead so much, I wanted to do something special that would focus on the bead itself. And since it was the only one I had, the choice was obvious. This is a copper bead that has been hand wrapped in 20g copper wire to form a ring.

Dark Coppear and Aquamarine Pendant Project

Dark Coppear and Aquamarine Pendant

This pendant definitely represents the dark side – of copper that is. It has been oxidized to a near black color and then polished with 0000 steel wool and afterward tumbled to have the copper shimmer through and at the same time increase strength and shine. The top gemstone is a natural aquamarine, the gemstones […]

Lampwork Bead Ring Project

Lampwork Bead Ring

This ring was born from the disaster of another project. My beautiful lampwork bead split in half. I just couldn’t throw it away, and so decided to use it as a cab in a ring project that I was planning. The wire used in this project is 22ga gold filled square and 21ga gold filled […]

Wired Copper Pendant Project

Wired Copper Pendant

I discovered this large chunk of solid copper on vacation. I love the richness of color in copper. I think it looks great surrounded by silver as the two compliment each other. Of course this nugget had to be wrapped in wire as there is no hole…I don’t drill…but it was just enough to accent […]

Pearly Blue Mandala Pendant Project

Pearly Blue Mandala Pendant

This necklace contains Swarovski crystal and pearls, silver beads, and non-tarnish silver artistic wire.

Moonstone And Oxidized Copper Earrings Project

Moonstone And Oxidized Copper Earrings

These beads are incredible – them seem to glow! The oxidized copper really brings out the glowing blue white color on the moonstones. These remind me of a full moon glowing in the night sky. They hang about 1 3/4″ below the handmade ear wires on an oxidized copper chain strung with handmade oxidized copper […]

Wire and Button Necklace Project

Wire and Button Necklace

I made this necklace and bracelet set using silver buttons and 18 gauge silver wire. I put one end of the wire through the hole of the button & formed it into a spiral. Then I bent it flat against the button. Then I made a spiral with the remaining wire. I repeated the process […]

Sodalite Swirl Earrings Project

Sodalite Swirl Earrings

To create these earrings I shaped 18 gauge wire into a swirl. Then I hammered the silver to give texture. Then I used a headpin to attach sodalite nugget beads. I attached a closed jump ring to the swirl & used a sterling fishhook earring finding. Sodalite is the stone of endurance.

I Love You Red Coral Drop Earrings Project

I Love You Red Coral Drop Earrings

My “I love you” earrings are inspired by love. A great pair of earrings made of natural coral quartz briolettes, wire wrapped in sterling silver. To make these, first gather two gemstone beads, some sterling silver 20 gauge dead soft wire, and two ear wires. Next, make a loop in the wire and start wrapping […]

Copper Wire Earrings With Russian Amazonite And Apatite Project

Copper Wire Earrings With Russian Amazonite And Apatite

This piece was made with solid copper wire. First the thicker wire for the frame was cut, the ends were heated with a torch to get the little dots. It was then pickled in acid, formed and tumble polished. The amazonite, apatite, Swarovski crystal and copper bead were attached with very thin copper wire. The […]

Abacus Pendant Project

Abacus Pendant

I had the idea to make this pendant as the old counting frame design offers lots of possibilities to personalize a piece of jewelry. The gemstones can be chosen to make the most out of the color combination or emphasize a single color but also to display birthstones of a family or group. It’s a […]

Halo Peridot Earrings Project

Halo Peridot Earrings

For a different take on birthstone earrings (August), I decided to make big hoop earrings that are nevertheless surprisingly light to wear. They remind me of a halo which decided me on their name. The hoop is formed out of solid thicker copper wire. It has been hammered flat a bit so that the wire […]

Oceans Of Malachite And Aventurine Necklace Project

Oceans Of Malachite And Aventurine Necklace

In the heat of summer, I wanted to create an oasis of cool colors. I started with a silver, green, and blue pendant which I wrapped in green 20 gauge wire with a few silver spacers. I combined some of my grandmother’s large malachite beads with aventurine rounds, lapis lazuli chips, green seed beads, silver […]

Pink Shell And Crystal Necklace Project

Pink Shell And Crystal Necklace

This piece was created around the pendant. I wrapped the large round pink shell with silver plated wire and threaded the little flower charms through the wire as I wrapped. Since the pendant was large, I went with a longer necklace, using clear crystals, pink jasper, and salmon glass beads with a metallic hue. The […]

Freeform Wire Earrings Project

Freeform Wire Earrings

I love the physicality of working with wire; bending, coiling, twisting, making it do what I want it to do, and I made these earrings using 24 gauge Artistic Wire (permanently colored copper wire) in aqua and lemon hand coiled on a narrow mandrel. I made the headpin by making three tiny coils on one […]

Citrus Delight Project

Citrus Delight

The inspiration for this piece was a large, green, carved jade pendant. I’ve been trying for a while to use this pendant in a simple but elegant setting. Done in shades of gold, orange and bright spring green, this necklace uses chunky millefiori beads surrounded by gold-plated hoops. The smaller round green beads are glass […]

Blue Woven Snails Necklace Project

Blue Woven Snails Necklace

This necklace consists of blue translucent glass stones fixed in silver plated wire. I wove the wire around the stone to create a snail shape. The lace that forms the top part of the necklace is a spiral chainmaille technique using silver plated chains. The pendant was woven and the stone is caged in the […]

Desert Jasper Wheel Of Infinity Pendant Project

Desert Jasper Wheel Of Infinity Pendant

For this pendant I hand-form the frame with thick copper wire. I then wire wrap the frame with very thin copper wire while attaching tiny, 2mm copper beads at certain intervals. I wanted to use the very popular gemstone donuts but create a more elaborate look. I call these type of pendants “wheel of infinity” […]

Cranberry Necklace Project

Cranberry Necklace

This necklace consists of silver plated wire in two sizes and red glass Jablonec pearls. The thinner size wire is wrapped and interwoven with the larger wire and was used to attach the pearls and create the Viking-style weave at the back of the necklace.

Carnelian Single Drop Earrings Project

Carnelian Single Drop Earrings

First I hammered heavy wire into ear wires. Then I wrapped very thin wire around the ear wires, adding in a Swarovski crystal. Then I wire wrapped the carnelian beads and attached them to the ear wires. I tumble polished the finished earrings and oxidized all the copper wire to achieve the black color. Then […]

Love Pendant – Wire Wrapped Turquoise Pendant Project

Love Pendant – Wire Wrapped Turquoise Pendant

This pendant was made from fine silver wire, copper wire and adorned with natural turquoise stones, sterling silver beads and copper beads, oxidized for an antique look, polished and treated with a sealer to stabilize the oxidation and preserve the color of the metals. They were wire wrapped, hammered and polished at every step. Pendant […]

Green Copper Wire-Wrapped Earrings Project

Green Copper Wire-Wrapped Earrings

These look fancy but are pretty simple to make for beginning beaders. You start with two metal beading hoops. Next, take thin 24 or 26 gauge copper wire-wrapping wire and loop it around the hoop tightly 10 times. Next, add a bead to the wire, and pull the wire snug back to the hoop, making […]

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Tourmalinated Quartz Earrings Project

Tourmalinated Quartz Earrings

Simple wire-wrapped earrings with gunmetal-black wire and ear wires. The beads are tourmalinated quartz with just a hint of purple amethyst.

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