Variable Strand Necklace

Finished NecklaceThis necklace has three strands that weave in and out of the beads at irregular intervals, creating an interesting bohemian look.




  • beading wire
  • a clasp (I used a magnetic one)
  • crimp cover (clam shell)
  • a selection of glass and crystal beads in complementary colors–I used browns, golds, amber, orange, greens, and deep reds. Include faceted Swarovski crystals to catch the light more.


edybeady-set-up.jpgLay out your beads on your design board in the order you’d like to see them in your necklace. Be sure to balance (spread out) your colors and the use of your crystals.

wire-thru-clam-shell.jpgCut three strands of beading wire of equal length and string them through a crimp cover (clam shell). Add and crimp your crimp bead. Snip off the excess wire, close the cover and attach it to one half of your clasp.

edybeady-stringup1.jpgThis design follows a four-bead stringing pattern: add one bead to each strand and then thread all three strands together through the fourth bead.

edybeady-stringup2.jpgBegin stringing your beads onto the wire in the four-step sequence. You can either squeeze your beads together snugly on the beading wire, or you can leave more space between the beads, depending on your preference. I’ve opted for the “snug” approach, as I had so many rich beads, I wanted to be sure to get them all in my necklace!

End your necklace the way you began: string the ends of your wire through the clam shell, add and crimp your crimp bead, then snip away the excess wire, close the clam shell and attach it to the other half of your clasp. You’re done!

Finished Necklace


  1. Avatar Jewelry Making

    Thanks for the beautiful design. I think I am going to try this but with spring colors. The nice thing is that you can change the bead colors to reflect the mood. Very versatile!

  2. Avatar michele

    Glad you enjoyed this one! And yes…it’s a great idea to try it with spring colors. All the best and,
    Happy Beading,

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