Backstitch Definition


The running back stitch is a basic stitch often used to add beads to fabric. Both easy and durable, it can be used for a small embellishment or to cover an entire area with an elaborate design.

Backstitch reinforces every bead, every other, or every third bead (etc) in a line of beads.

How it’s done – reinforcing every third bead:

  1. Come up through the fabric from the wrong side.
  2. String three beads on the thread. Pull them snug so they are right next to the fabric.
  3. Go back down through the fabric at the end of the three beads, so the beads are on the loop of thread that is on the right side of the fabric.
  4. Pull it taut.
  5. Now come back up through the fabric in between the second and third bead.
  6. Thread the needle through the third bead.
  7. Pick up another three beads with your needle.
  8. Go back down through the fabric at the end of the new beads, creating another stitch.
  9. Repeat.

To make a tighter stitch, you would string only 2 beads at a time. If you have a really long bead, you might string only one at a time.

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